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Specialized custom joinery at DADO Systems

Are you looking for a cabinetmaker who specializes in custom work? Then you have come to the right place at DADO Systems. For years, we have offered our customers high-quality custom joinery. Whether it's a new interior wooden staircase, a built-in cabinet or a complete custom kitchen, we guarantee quality and craftsmanship.


Custom joinery for your interior

At DADO Systems, we believe that your interior should reflect your personal style and taste. That's why we offer custom joinery that fits your interior perfectly. Our experienced craftsmen are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and see how we can translate them into a unique and functional design.


Renovation or renewal of your interior?

Is your interior joinery in need of renewal? Or would you like to refresh your interior? Then DADO Systems is also the right place for you. Not only do we offer custom joinery, but we are also happy to help you renovate or renew your interior. Our professionals have years of experience and expertise in the field of interior renovation and can advise you on the best solutions for your specific situation.


Woodworking Dado Systems

At DADO Systems, we always work to the highest standards and norms. For example, all our materials and products meet the required European CE standards and we always work according to the applicable safety regulations. In addition, we are also ISO 9001-certified, which means that we constantly monitor and optimize our processes and quality to meet our customers' expectations.

In short, if you are looking for high quality custom joinery and professional interior renovation, you have come to the right place at DADO Systems. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options and discover how we can transform your interior into a true dream environment.

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Painting by DADO Systems

Interior painting
Your interior largely determines the atmosphere and appearance of your home. Interior painting is therefore an effective way to give your home a fresh and modern look. At DADO Systems we offer a wide range of painting services for your interior, including:

  • Painting Walls
  • Painting ceilings
  • Painting doors and frames
  • Painting radiators and heating pipes
  • Painting stairs

Our team of painters uses only high-quality paint products to ensure that the quality of the paint job is maintained for a long time. In addition, we ensure that we cause as minimal disruption to your daily routine as possible during the work.

Exterior painting
The exterior of your home endures a lot, including rain, sun, wind and pollution. Proper maintenance of your home's exterior is therefore essential to extend its life. Exterior painting provides protection and gives your home a fresh and well-kept look. At DADO Systems We offer a variety of exterior painting services, such as:

  • Painting facades
  • Painting windows and doors
  • Painting woodwork, such as eaves and window frames
  • Painting dormers

We use only high-quality paint products that are resistant to weathering, so the paint job stays beautiful for years. Our team of painters ensures that all work is done safely and efficiently, so that you experience as little inconvenience as possible.

Color consultation

When painting your home, the choice of colors is very important. After all, colors largely determine the atmosphere and appearance of your home. Our professional painters are happy to give you color advice, so you can be sure of

Painting: Improve the appearance of your home

DADO Systems

Painting is an important aspect of any construction or renovation project. Whether you want to give your interior a new look or refresh the exterior of your home, painting is always a good choice. Not only is it a way to make your home look nicer, but it also provides protection from weather and wear and tear.

DADO Systems is an experienced contractor specializing in painting projects. Our team of professional painters is ready to help you complete your painting project, from small renovations to large new construction projects. We offer a wide range of painting services, both interior and exterior.

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What kind of painting work can Dado Systems perform?

DADO Systems is an experienced painting contractor and can handle all types of projects, from small repairs to large commercial projects. We can perform both interior and exterior painting, including preliminary work such as sanding, filling and priming surfaces. Our team of professionals uses only high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your paint job not only looks great, but is also durable and long-lasting.

What is the best time of year to have painting done?
Generally, the best time to do painting work is during spring and summer, when the weather is dry and not too humid. This provides the best conditions for paint application and drying. However, with modern techniques and materials, painting work can be done in other seasons as well, as long as the weather is suitable. Our professionals at DADO Systems can advise you on the best time of year to have your particular painting job done.
How can I maintain painting?
To keep your paintwork in good condition, it is important to perform regular maintenance. This can include cleaning the paintwork with mild soap and water, and periodically checking for any damage or wear. It is also important to make small repairs quickly to prevent them from getting bigger. At DADO Systems, we also offer maintenance contracts, where we regularly check and maintain your paintwork to ensure that it always looks its best and lasts a long time.

We hope these answers have answered your questions about home automation. If you would like more information or are interested in installing a home automation system in your home or office, please contact DADO Systems for more information. Our experienced professionals will be happy to assist you.