About DADO Systems

Our story

Your trusted partner since 1995 for a wide range of services

Dado Systems is a leading company based in Wilrijk that specializes in electrical, plumbing and heating installation, joinery, insulation, flat roofs, and various camera inspection techniques. Our services are designed to meet all your needs and we are always open to new challenges.

Our expertise is our greatest asset

Our professionals are all experts in their field. They are ready to take your project from start to finish and expertly install and finish your installation. Whether you want small extensions or complete installations (residential and SME), we have the necessary experience and expertise to meet your needs. Moreover, we do not shy away from repair work either.

A reliable partner for all your projects

Dado Systems is a dynamic company that is constantly retraining in new techniques and materials. This allows us to expertly finish any project. In addition, we are licensed contractors and can charge the 6% VAT rate for homes over 5 years old.

Specialists in new construction and renovations

We specialize not only in new construction projects, but also in renovations. Whether you want to renovate your home or build a new building, Dado Systems is here for you.

A comprehensive range of comfort installations and security systems

Our offerings have grown over the years and we have expanded into comfort installations, security systems and ventilation solutions. You can come to us for all your electrical work, joinery and more. We work with quality products and always strive to make the right selection according to your installation.

A safe worksite thanks to our BA4 certification

Our entire team holds the BA4 certificate. This certificate guarantees safety on your worksite and shows that we comply with all safety standards and regulations.

We also offer in-house installation services or construction supervision, so you can always count on us from start to finish of your project.

In short, if you are looking for a reliable and skilled partner for all your installation projects, Dado Systems is the right place. Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.