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Electrical work by DADO Systems: the right partner for your project

A good electrical system is critical to your home or business. It provides you with energy for essential daily necessities such as lighting, heating, cooking, laundry and security. Therefore, when it comes to an electrical renovation or installation of a new system, it is important to choose the right partner. DADO Systems is the experienced electrician you are looking for. We specialize in the installation of electricity for companies and individuals in regions such as Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Wilrijk, Kontich and Hove.

As an experienced electrician, we know that the safety of you and your family or employees comes first. That's why we make sure every little cable and outlet is placed and connected correctly. In the first phase of your project, a specialized electrician will visit you to discuss your needs. Based on this, we work out a proposal that meets all your expectations. Once an agreement is reached, we make a conclusive appointment with you to start the works.

Throughout the execution of the works, we remain available for comments or possible adjustments. This way, we guarantee that you, the customer, will be 100% satisfied at the end of the works. Choose DADO Systems as a partner for your electrical works and enjoy a safe and reliable installation.

Electrical inspection: trust DADO Systems for your safety


Since March 10, 1981, all residential electrical installations must comply with the General Regulations on Electrical Installations (A.R.El.). Previously, these regulations applied only to new installations in new or renovated buildings. Between 1982 and 1992, more than 600,000 installations were realized according to these regulations and inspected by an inspection body.

But as of now, old installations must also meet these basic safety standards. This is especially important because old installations can often be dangerous. Please note, however, that this obligation is rather relative and only applies if one asks to increase the power of the measurement group.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your electrical installation, you can have an electrical inspection performed by DADO Systems. We are the specialists in electrical work and inspections, ensuring that your installation complies with regulations and is safe for you and your family. Contact us and enjoy peace of mind in your home.

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Make your electrical installation accessible for inspection with Dado Systems

When inspecting your electrical system, it is very important that it is accessible. This allows the inspector to make all the necessary checks to ensure safety. In addition to accessibility, you should also be able to present a single-wire diagram and a situation diagram with the correct location of all components. Not to worry, DADO Systems makes sure you have everything on hand for a successful inspection. We provide an accessible installation and supply the necessary diagrams, including the correct location of signs, junction, branch and wall outlets, light points and switches. Rely on Dado Systems for a safe and trouble-free inspection of your electrical system.

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Expert advice and precision work by Dado Systems

DADO Systems strives for perfection in craftsmanship. We offer expert advice and carry out the work with precision. At DADO Systems you can contact us for different types of works, such as new construction, remodeling and partial renovations such as bathrooms and kitchens. We also offer general electrical works such as lighting, parlo and videophone, telephony, computer networks and alarm systems. Our professional tradesman performs the works with professional tools and installs high quality equipment with a long service life. Dado Systems adheres to the General Regulations on Electrical Installations (AREI standard) for all work performed.


Why a valid inspection report of electrical installations is crucial ?

When buying a property (apartment or house), it is important to know if the electrical installations are in order. The seller must be able to present a valid inspection report, which is also mentioned in the notarial deed of sale. If no changes have been made to the installation since the inspection, the report remains valid for 25 years. But if the house is older than 25 years, it is important to pay extra attention to the electrical installations.

In any case, the sales contract must include an inspection report that comes from a recognized institution. At DADO Systems, we specialize in performing inspections of electrical installations for homes and businesses. Our experts perform a thorough inspection and prepare a detailed report that meets all legal requirements. That way, when you purchase a home, you can rest assured that the electrical installations are in order. Contact DADO Systems for more information about our inspection services.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your electricity, do not hesitate to request an inspection from one of our specialists.